• Marie Curie Skłodowska

    Mural painting

  • T. G. Masaryk

    street art painting in Olomouc

  • Sodomka

    street art collage of Sodomka car desing

  • Harvey Quinn

    Chalk Mural drawing in cinema


I’m czech based street artist Oliver Heller. I started with reading and also drawing comics as a little kid in pre school age.

After Velvet revolution he started with skateboarding intensively  and perceive illustrations and design associated with it. Hip hop and punk culture got into my vains and visual part of it was a important part of message.

Graffiti was just another step into street culture and it escalade with first graffiti pieces around 1996.And it will never let me go.

I graduated and works mostly as a graphic designer and illustrator, so street art paintings and urban interventions are a logical articulation and culmination of his creativity.

Contact me for all inquiries or custom street art jobs.